Equipment for HamWAN Sector

Note: A Sector site is considerably more complex than a node, for several reasons:
  • Nodes are avaiable in integrated packages that incorporate the transceiver and antenna in a single unit. Sectors require a separate antenna, shield for the antenna, transceiver (modem), and enclosure for the transceiver (modem).
  • Each Sector transceiver / antenna combination provides 120 degrees of coverage. For a full 360 degrees of coverage, three sets of transceiver / antennas are required.
  • In addition to the three sets of transceivers / antennas, at least one uplink Node (Point to Point) is required. This uplink Node is what provides connectivity between the Sector site and the remainder of the HamWAN network and the Internet. Multiple uplink Nodes can be used to provide redundancy. Compared with standalone Nodes, each uplink Node typically uses a larger antenna (for higher gain, typically 30 dB) with a shielded radome to provide protection from the weather.
  • Optionally, an Internet gateway at a Sector site can route packets between HamWAN and the Internet.
  • An indoor router is required, to connect the three Sectors, the point to point uplink Nodes, and the optional Internet gateway.
  • An indoor switched power distribution unit is recommended, to allow power to each Node and Sector to be independently cycled remotely, in the event that a remote reset is required.
  • Clearly, the configuration of each of these components is more complex than the configuration of a single Node.

Here is the Site Bill of Materials for a Sector site.