ARDC Grant

ARDC (Amateur Radio Digital Communications) has made a Grant to Oregon HamWAN to fund the deployment of HamWAN at 12 sites between Portland and Salem.
  • ARDC Grant Agreement between ARDC and Oregon HamWAN.
  • Presentation by Rosy Wolf KJ7RYV, Executive Director of ARDC (May 12, 2021).
  • Oregon HamWAN Map showing the location of towers and point to point links, and the details of the Sector antennas that will be mounted on those towers.

    Towers in red will be funded by the grant. Towers in blue are existing towers (Larch Mountain, Washington) or towers that will be funded from other sources (Bull Mountain Tower).

    You can Zoom and Pan to view details. Clicking on any tower shows the name and GPS location of the tower, as well as the orientation of the Sector antennas. (0° is North, 90° is East).

  • The Oregon HamWAN team is working with the Willamette Valley Mesh AREDN group in order to build the optimum network for both AREDN and HamWAN users.
  • PowerPoint from June 2, 2021 Planning Meeting.
  • Here is the PRESS RELEASE: Oregon HamWAN to Expand Digital Communications Network.